February 23, 2011

Reunited, And It Feels So Good

I'm so happy to have been reacquainted with my studio and sewing machines since I've been back. Almost three weeks of zero sewing / quilting put me in a very dark, sad place indeed!

(Hi Hedwig!)

My first order of business was to finish up an order I'd received while I was away. The buyer had wanted to buy the original quilt I'd made but unfortunately had waited a wee bit too long. So I made her another and it's finally ready to go. Yay!

And last night, I started cutting and putting together blocks for my Dad's quilt. When I'd arrived in Singapore and pulled out the two quilts I'd made my sisters, he sulked at me and asked where his was. Oy vey. He's lucky I love him.

My Mum has very stringent rules when it comes to colours allowed in her home / bedroom, so it wasn't an easy task deciding on fabric. Then I remembered a line of fabric we had at my work, and I think it fits Mum's colours perfectly.

(Mum, if you don't like it... SHHHHH. Just shove the quilt in the cupboard or something so it doesn't hurt your eyes when Dad's not using it hehehe)

The fabric is by Marcus Fabrics, and is a stripe. So I had this bright idea... "Oh, I'll just cut the stripes into strips and use them for the blocks". Not one of my cleverest ideas, I'll admit. I regretted it about five seconds after I began, so I kept singing to myself "Daddy does so much for me, I can do this for Daddy..." lol! I sing this song to myself when I'm doing things for loved ones that I'm not particularly excited about to remind myself why I'm doing it. I'm retarded :)

So here it is... well, four blocks at least. I think I like what I see, and I hope my Dad (and Mum!) does too.


Sarahby said...

I know exactly how you feel. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Happy Quilting!

Beth J said...

Despite your lack of enthusiasm, the blocks are coming out great, keep on keeping on.

Kari V. said...

Very clever use of the strips! You can do it. Is it a pain to cut? I wonder if you can tear the strips??

I'm jealous because you have the sewing machine of my dreams. :)


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