February 24, 2011

Random Notes

Just a few random notes...

* I showed my parents the blocks I've done so far for Dad's quilt. I offered to make it a queen-sized if Mum wanted it for their bed. She doesn't. Apparently Dad hogs the covers, so she wants her own. I half want to poke her eye out and half want to applaud this inspired idea.

* I bought myself a three-year diary. (It's Japanese so the grammar on the front is spectacular, which makes it more darling.) I had a five-year one but the space for each entry was way too tiny. You've seen me write on here. You know I crap on forever.

* Isobel / Izzy is pretty damn cute.

* Matilda / Tilly is pretty damn cute too.
* The hubs and I are pretending we have a social life this weekend. A dinner party on Friday night, and a double date with a friend of mine on Saturday.
* I have decided to take James Franco as my pretend-boyfriend. We don't do anything naughty... he just grins at me a whole lot while I giggle.
* I tried the chicken spaghetti casserole recipe and as usual, I cannot follow a food recipe and have made a bastardised version with something I make that's similar. Truth be told, I just added the spaghetti to my recipe.
* I just heard something crawling around upstairs or on the roof and I want to make it very dead because I am very freaked out and the hubs won't wake up and check it out and what if it's a rat or a thing with a face that'll eat me oh my god help me someone help me please...
* People who are sleepy and in need of sleep should not be allowed to blog.
* People who are about to go bed shouldn't paint their nails, forcing them to stay awake.
* I just want to go to sleep please.


Dana Gaffney said...

The quilt for your Dad looks good. Normally I wouldn't like those colors, but I think it's very peaceful and it's going to be beautiful. I like the stripes. The babies are beautiful also.

vivian said...

Not to scare you, but did you see that Kevin Costner movie with the giant ants crawling on the roof? I think it was called "My Other Daughter". That's what I thought about when you said you heard something crawling! I like your blocks too-nice earth colors.

Beth J said...

I too, have done the painting of nails WAY TO LATE at night - why do we do these things to ourselves???

Love the kitties.


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