August 25, 2014

More Triangle Quilts!

I've made more triangle quilts for the shop! And there's even a new colourway :)

I haven't a name for it yet -- I've been trying to name it and no one can come up with anything that suits it. Also, I'm terrible at naming quilts. I keep thinking of something with 'candy' because that keeps popping into my head. But then I'm not sure I've ever eaten candy that was dark blue or that greenish yellow before lol Suggestions, anyone? Edited: I've decided on the name 'Rock Candy'. Thanks to everyone who suggested names though... don't be annoyed at me for not taking any of them on!

Something about these colours together makes me so happy. They're cheerful and fun, aren't they?? I play with the solids in my stash a lot, and one day I pulled these colours and just left them in stack on one of my tables. LOVE.

Kona Wasabi has become one of my favourites and I decided to piece the back for this one. I don't normally piece the backs of the triangle quilts for some reason, but I just really wanted to use Wasabi on the back and I thought I'd test the waters by toning it down with the grey.

As always, I used a black and white stripe for the binding, and stitched in the ditch in white on the front and grey on the back.

I love them all stacked like that... SO squishy!!

I've just listed Rock Candy, along with Peachy Keen (with a grey back) and a Tango Mango in the shop :)

August 14, 2014

Artsy, With A Bit of Fartsy

Some randomness from around the house...

I saw all this neon yarn and had to have it... I was sitting on the floor in the living room playing with them and trying to be crafty. The hubs found me there and I'm pretty sure he's reevaluating his decision to make me his life partner now. Can't say that I blame the guy.

I made this. It's... Yup. I've no words. I blame Pinterest. It looks like a 5-year-old made it. No offence to 5-year-olds out there. I trimmed it at an angle and my bin looks like I gave a muppet a haircut.

I kind of want to buy a tapestry loom now and make some proper wall art that doesn't make me feel like it needs qualification for why it's even being displayed. Really wishing I was visiting home right now so I could attend this class. That's stupid... I'm sure there's classes near me. But come on! It's in Singapore! I wonder if my sister would go in my stead... She'd probably tell me to stick the entire loom in my... Oops, this took a wrong turn...

Framed art still leaned up against the wall in the living room. It's going on the walls of our bedroom and dining room but I haven't had the chance to do it quite yet.

Some of the frames we put up along the stairs. This was earlier in the week...

This is today. I can't leave things alone.... Clearly. I just thought it started way too high so I lowered the beginning frame. It looks a bit wonky right now but I've got something else going to the right of the picture of The Beast, above the Lisa Congdon print. Waiting on the handmade frame to arrive! :)

By the way, the hubs still hasn't a clue that I added another frame lol 

And the view when you're coming down the stairs.

If anyone's wondering, most of our prints are from Etsy and Society6. The latter is a bit of a mixed bag sometimes. The quality of the prints are good, but the condition in which your prints arrive is anyone's guess. The last parcel had one print with all its edges completely rippled even though it was in a tube. The parcel before that was slightly bent. And the one before that had a print missing. They replaced it, but it's just slightly irritating to have to wait almost two weeks for your prints only to have them arrive in questionable condition or not at all. I've got one more order coming and after that I think that might be it for a while or for good. We'll see.

Oh, and this has nothing to do with anything but my lovely long-armer friend Laura gave me some yummies from her garden the other day when she came to visit! Thanks Laura! :)

August 11, 2014

Beachy Courthouse Step Baby Quilt

I made this cuteness for Steve's cousin Colin and wife Joanna who are expecting a little boy next month and they finally received it! She texted me that it'd arrived and she loved it :) Phew!

She'd asked for something to go with the beach-themed nursery... they live by the beach so it made complete sense! I decided to do a giant courthouse step quilt, and I reckon it kind of looks like the beach, doesn't it?

I collected a bunch of teals, aquas, and creams in various shades so that it wouldn't look so flat. I love that it turned out like what I'd hoped it would! I quilted it in a simple grid in white thread and bound it in a slightly paler aqua than what I'd used in the quilt. I decided that was the best option because if I used cream, it'd fade into the creams... if I used aqua, it'd fade into the aquas... My thought process is riveting, isn't it? 

I'm so glad they like it and that it looks so lovely in the nursery :)

August 7, 2014

Cotton + Steel!

Everyone's gone bonkers for the Cotton + Steel fabrics, and rightly so! Have you gotten yourself some? Because you should. They have such a beautiful hand, and the prints are just ridiculously good. The colours, the fact that all five lines play so nicely together, and they're just cute as shit.

Don't look at the background. You looked, didn't you? Gawd. Our prints that are supposed to go up along the stairs have been sitting there in the living room for ages. Why? Because I'm an indecisive turd.

Moving on...

I made this for a shop sample for work from with the Cloud Nine pattern and it came out beautifully! I used a minty solid for the background (I think it's an RJR solid but please don't ask me what it's called because I'm not organised like that).

The pattern is extremely easy but as usual, I don't read instructions well so I really effed this one up initially. I sewed the wrong large strip on and by the time I'd realised my mistake, I'd already chopped everything up and sewed the top together. I win at life. I spent an entire day ripping the top apart and swearing (mostly simultaneously) but all's well that ends well. The silly thing lays flat, so I'm over it! Sort of!

I took it home to bind last night and because I wasn't up to sewing at the machine, I plonked myself on the sofa after dinner and TADA! It's so freaking adorable, I could scream.

LOOK AT THOSE LITTLE TIGER / CAT THINGS. Dead. I'm dead from cuteness.

And this bee print is just perfection.

I'm trying to figure out what to make for myself because I must own a quilt out of this yumminess. Oh the possibilities and indecisiveness... Don't hold your breath though, this is going to take a while. But have you made anything out of this collection??

August 1, 2014

Randomness: The Verbal Diarrhea Edition

- Aren't these gladiolus in my front yard just ridiculously gorgeous? Things keep popping up in our yard that we have no idea are there... I continue to be amazed one year on! Good job, Nature! And the previous owners...

- The summer weather has been weird. Sometimes steaming hot and muggy, sometimes cool-ish but somewhat humid, and sometimes it's just so bloody hot you pray for sweet, sweet death. And no matter the weather, all I want to do is eat ice-cream or froyo. Which I've done a great job of not doing despite my reputation for having no self-control. But the struggle is real.

- Recent things I've shouted to the hubs from the shower include, "That wasn't me! It was the conditioner bottle!". Classy.

- I'm trying to figure out what to do with the Cotton + Steel fabrics because I need it in my house! On my bed, on my sofa, EVERYWHERE. Too damn good.

- But I did make one as a sample for work... pictures to come!

- 25 Husbands who must be stopped... They require patience and a sense of humour, don't they?

- We had something living in our backyard, and we think it's gone now. The hubs found parts of a bunny, and most of a bird, and then spotted the culprit one morning. He initially thought it was a fox (because he failed science apparently) but upon looking at pictures, I determined it to be a damn fisher cat. In other news, I'm never going outside again. I'll keep an eye on the baby bunnies and chipmunks from the safety of my house.

- I feel awful for these 11 doggies who ate bees (and I hope they're alright!) but I couldn't help but laugh hehe!

- I now have a blog post with 'diarrhea' in the title. I win everything.


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