February 22, 2011

The Truth Hurts... Me...

Exhibit A
I was cleaning the bathroom mirror with Windex...

Hubs: "If you'd brush your teeth properly, you wouldn't need to clean the mirror so often!"
Me: "I do so brush my teeth properly!"
Hubs: "You're the messiest brusher EVER. You get toothpaste on the sink, the counter, the mirror, the ceiling, the light fixture..."
Me: "OMG I do NOT get toothpaste on the light fixture!!! Or the ceiling..."

Exhibit B
I bought new undies and I hate them because they go higher than I'd like.

Hubs: "Those are new underpants?"
Me: "I hate them. They're supposed to be hipsters and almost go up to my damn neck. HATE."
Hubs: "Good, cos I was going to say they're kinda granny pants."


Melodee said...

I don't know how, but I manage to spray toothpaste on the mirror, the frame around the mirror and all over the faucet. My husband doesn't. I suppose it's because I look at my teeth when I brush them vs. closing my mouth through the process.

Sandra said...

ha,ha,ha. So glad to hear I am not the only one who gets the toothpaste~everywhere!

MamaLiza said...

It must be a girl thing. I'm a messy brushed. My husband can walk around and brush. I don't get it.

Sherry said...

My bathroom mirror is always a mess between tooth brushing and hand washing. I guess I'm too enthusiastic.
p.s. I LOVE my granny panties but I don't have a hubs any longer so who cares? Now it's all for comfort. tee hee


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