August 6, 2009

Technology, Why You Do Me Like That?

It's official. Technology hates me, hates my husband, hates this household. First my laptop went screwy, then the treadmill... now, the damn cable box. Whatever's next??? I'm guarding my sewing machine and kitchen appliances with my life.

Why be like that, Technology? I thought we were friends. I thought I'd admitted to you that I'm a pathetic mess without you. And yet you feel the need to continually test my love for you. Why?

So tonight we sat around the living room looking at each other, and my sister sighs and says "Does this mean we actually have to talk to one another? Eww". Well said my darling, well said.

Then my husband remembers he just got a documentary from Netflix today, so it was either that or conversation.

They watched the DVD, of course. (It was I.O.U.S.A.: The Movie by the way, if you're curious.) (And excuse the blurry photo -- It was night and a sneak-attack picture.

I went to my sewing machine instead. I've finished the monkey quilt top and pieced together the batting. I hate to admit it but without TV, I'm pretty damn productive. Having said that, we need to get this sorted immediately.

But I'm very thankful that the TV in the gym works perfectly fine otherwise there'd be some panicking and yelling on the phone going on. And yes, technically we could go watch TV in there but my sister remains freaked out by my 'creepy basement'. Wuss.



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