August 5, 2009

In Progress

I'm currently working on another monkey quilt. My Mum commissioned a baby quilt for no one in particular. "Just to have it" she says. So needless to say, it had to be gender neutral, my favourite kind.

I'd made a monkey quilt for my sister's friend's baby a while back, and Mum liked that so much she actually wanted to take it to give to her friend's grandson instead. Didn't realise quilts had the power to incite rioting.

So anyway, I figured I'd make her one with the monkeys, this time with a white background. Browns, greens, yellows (in the back)... I'm keeping it simple because my Mum doesn't like fuss and neither do most people she knows.


The Food Librarian said...

So cute. That monkey fabric is adorable!


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