April 17, 2009

Technology Hates Me

My laptop has decided to make me miserable. All my web browsers refuse to work, but thankfully my chat programmes work or I'd be tearing my hair out. I'm not proud of my Internet addiction but I fully admit to it.

So in order to stop myself from going nutty, I have sown even more seeds. Although I'm beginning to think it's much too tedious for me. So I planted half of what I have, and the rest will just be sprinkled on the ground once I'm fairly certain there'll be no more frost. Then again this is New England, so anything can happen.

They're mostly zinnias but I do have some sunflower seeds in there too. Just experimenting to see whether they do better in the soil than on the damp paper towels. Clearly, I have too much time on my hands without the Internet.

I did get some poppy seeds too but those will go straight into the ground. The package instructions were very clear about that. Who am I to defy the package instructions?

Also, I have finished a beret for a friend in Singapore. No, she won't wear it in Singapore. I hope. She told me she wanted a beret for when she goes on business trips, and since she's dark-haired and fair-skinned like me, red's a winner. The colour doesn't come up quite right here... it's a gorgeous, fire engine sort of red. More red, less pink.

I'm now working on armwarmers for her to wear at the office. I used to cover myself in a large shawl or pashmina when I worked in an office in Singapore, so I know full well how bleeding cold it can get. Hoping to get them done over the weekend so I can send them to her soon.



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