January 17, 2015

HST Lap Quilt

The obsession with HSTs and triangles in general just goes on and on... Hehe :)

I still had my Lotta Jansdotter fabrics out from my last project with them (because I clearly don't know how to put anything away), and then decided I'd make something else with them. Can't get over the colours... and I like how all her collections just go so well together.

I laid out the HSTs in a vertical chevron pattern but I didn't pay too much attention to darks and lights, so you sort of have to squint at it like you would one of those 3-D autostereograms from the 90s. We watched a Seinfeld episode that featured it the other day and the hubs admitted he's never been able to see the 3-D image. Oh grief... lol!

Fess up, who else hasn't? Hehe!

I used one of my favourite text prints from Ikea (they don't seem to sell it anymore!!! Grr!) for the back and used a black and white stripe for the binding. I quilted it in a crosshatch since the HSTs go every which way :)

The quilt is currently available in my Etsy shop :)


Cindy said...

Absolutely beautiful Audrie! Love everything about it!

karen @ badlandsquilts said...

The binding adds to much...great quilt.

lindaroo said...

Yep, I never saw a hidden picture in those color messes! But I clearly see the pattern in this lovely quilt! Triangles and color = love!


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