January 21, 2015


- How adorable is this book on Parisian kitties!?

- This made me laugh and go aww :)

- Americans taste test Singapore food. Hilarity ensues. And now I want satay...

- I found out Garnier changed its moisturiser formula when I opened a new bottle. How? I got a burning, red, puffy rash all over my face and neck, that's how. I had it on for all of 10 minutes, and it was horrifying. Apparently I'm not the only person who's found out the hard way! (Read the reviews... one poor girl suffered for five months!) I've since tried Olay with the same result, and landed on Eucerin for sensitive skin (DUH! Should've gone there first!) and I'm happier than a pig in shit.

- This made me laugh so hard because my American lecturer at uni brought her Aussie in-laws to the US to stay with her parents, and while her mother-in-law was up on a ladder putting a suitcase away, her father kindly told her not to fall on her fanny. The poor man was completely mortified when he found out what 'fanny' meant to an Aussie / Brit. I'm laughing again right now... tears... streaming... Woo breathe...

- And I'm a HUGE Wayne's World fan, I shall leave you with the above :)

Picture from here and here.


mascanlon said...

Nothing like a lot of random giggles to get the evening off to a great start! My fav? Fanny pack of course, we are so easily amused!!


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