September 10, 2014


I don't normally have plants in the house, mostly because when I do, it's a short countdown to their demise. I don't know what it is... I think I just forget they exist and don't water them. My petunias and marigolds outside are pretty much dust at this point. Oops.

But I was gifted an orchid plant a few weeks ago (clearly this person doesn't know me well!) and so far, it's alive! I only have to water it once a week, and I almost forgot this past weekend, but thankfully the hubs reminded me. I've since made a little note in my phone to remind me weekly. Ahem.

I really, really want to keep this alive because it's the national flower of Singapore, and every time I see it, I think of home. They mostly remind me of my maternal grandpa and paternal grandma because they both used to grow them. Although I believe my grandma still grows them in her garden.

Also, question... those clippy things... is there no alternative? They're not particularly pretty hehe

While we're in the dining room, we hung some plates. Because apparently we're those people now lol I had an Anthropologie gift card from Christmas that I hadn't used, and saw a few plates that caught my eye, so I thought why not!

That's what the buffet looks like... I reckon it needs a runner, don't you? :)


Bennett and Graves said...

Once a week water? For sure? My friend brought me a Second orchid after I admitted killing the first one. Is she a sadist or something?!

Riana said...

Hi Audrie,

Love your blog!

As for the orchid clips, I think you can get butterfly/flower shaped ones around somewhere! ^__^

Laura said...

Yes, the buffet needs a runner! Get on that, would you? ;-)

Sandra said...

I am a first time orchid owner. We were told to put 3-4 ice-cubes in the pot (on the soil) once a week. That's it. Keep it out of direct sunlight and drafts. So far it's lasted for about 4 months.....


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