September 13, 2014

T-Shirt Quilt WIP

A few months ago, the hub's colleague asked if I'd make her step-mum a t-shirt quilt out of her late father's tees. How could I say no? It's not my favourite thing to do, but they're not difficult to make at all, if you know what you're doing.

I got in touch with the step-mum and she picked the layout, fabrics etc, and I finally got round to putting it altogether.

I've got the top done already, but I can't find my large quilting needles so I have to wait till I can get my hands on some before I start quilting! 

I like to use a very sheer interfacing on the backs of the tees (Pellon 609F is my weapon of choice) because it's easy to use and it's super thin so it doesn't make the tee all bulky. The reason I bother with interfacing is that I like having the fabric stabilised so I can get everything cut and sewn accurately. Definitely worth the little bit of effort to make everything lay perfectly flat!

Also, if you're thinking of making one, I suggest you wash your tees without softener before doing anything because the interfacing doesn't adhere as well when there's fabric softener in the equation. 

See how nice and crisp it all is? :)

Going to think about how to quilt this... Hmmm...


Ann Marie said...

Some friends of mine want to make T-shirt quilts, which I've never done before. Thanks for the tips on the interfacing. Looking forward to see how you quilt it. That seems to be a hard choice with T-shirt quilts.

suemac said...

Okay the klang tee-shirt is the best. Nice job. Love your teapot pincushion. So cute.

Sandra said...

you make the process seem so easy. I wouldn't want to attempt a t.shirt quilt

Unknown said...

I have made dozens of t-shirt quilts. I do a double diagonal line from edge to edge about 3 inches apart.
I lightly draw the line with my ruler and then use the walking foot edge to make the second line. Good luck.


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