October 18, 2013

Moving On

We sold our old house today! I didn't want to celebrate until the contracts were all signed, but I can finally breathe! So, HURRAAAAAAH!!! The house was only on the market for a fortnight, can you believe it?!?! I'm still amazed that it sold so quickly... not quickly enough for the impatient hubs though! Haha! 

We'd gone back to the house to walk through and see if we'd left anything behind. I didn't get emotional about leaving our first home... I'm far too in love with our new house and new neighbourhood, I think. It was a great house, but we'd bought it in a hurry and it really just wasn't me. Which is why I never got attached to it. But I hope it's a good home to the new owner, and that he'll be as happy there as we are in our new digs :)

In other news, I bought my first pumpkins since I moved to this country lol! I lived in the other house for almost six years and never bothered to decorate it, but this year I felt the need to buy pumpkins. I also wanted mums but then I remembered I'm quite shit at watering plants. Brown Thumbs McGee, that's me.

I don't really understand the thing about putting fruit on one's porch but I do love pumpkins and the colour orange, so it works for me. We'll see what happens with Christmas and all the other hundreds of holidays!

Ahh my splendid view from my sewing room. Why can't it be autumn all year round? I'd be in complete bliss :)


Danielle said...

Congrats! I'm in complete envy of your autumn view out of your sewing room (and everywhere else you look!) And nice pumpkins :)

Averil said...


Onwards to bigger and better things, as they say =)

Sharon said...

Congratulations on the new house. I liked the comment about putting fruit on the porch! Some things must be so strange.
I agree it could be fall all year and I would be happy about it!

Jessica said...

That's great news! :) Congrats! Love the pumpkins on the stoop. I have a similar view from my sewing area and it's the best!

mascanlon said...

Such good news! Now you can really relax and enjoy your new home! And you should take a chance on mums, they are very hardy so if you remembered on e a week they'd be good!


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