October 20, 2013

Lazy Sunday

We had grand plans for this weekend but it ended up being a lot of running errands and lazing around. Not that we're complaining :) I took a little stroll around the backyard this afternoon... I'm trying to take in all the foliage while it's still there. And enjoy the crunch of the leaves under my feet before the hubs tries out his new leaf blower. I haven't seen it, but I'm guessing it's pretty mahoosive.

Also, I think we need patio furniture.

And while I'm snapping pictures around the house, I love these stools in my kitchen. Years ago if you'd told me I'd have yellow anything in my house, I'd have had you committed and called you naughty names. But I just can't get enough of the brilliant pop of colour!

And the house smells pretty amazing right now. We were supposed to have dinner with friends, but a couple of them were still stuck in Boston so we called it off, and I made beef stew that'll get eaten with some mashed potatoes. It's still simmering so I haven't added the carrots, but oh my grief, it smells yummo!

How was your weekend?


mascanlon said...

Stew looks so good. We are finally cooling down a bit in SoCall so I can do stew and chili and all the yummy cool weather recipes. I have had enough salad and rotisserie chicken for a while.


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