October 16, 2013

Autumn Sunrise Triangle Quilt

Surprise! I made another triangle quilt!

(Is there a triangle quilt support group? I'm just asking for a friend...)

I thought I'd play with colours again and come up with something different. I had loads of fun figuring out the boy and girl triangle quilts, and this was too. I love playing with colour... I keep pulling fabrics out and scrunching my nose at them till everything looks right to me.

Autumn Sunrise. I'm terrible at naming quilts, have I ever told you that? I don't know why that popped in my head... maybe it was this picture?

I love the colours together... Bright yet calm. And I added the dots and sketch dots because even though I love my solids, sometimes a quilt needs a little something extra.

The quilt is currently listed in the shop SOLD.


Adrienne said...

Your triangles are lovely! I just finished a triangle quilt, but call it Bliangles because my points were, well, blunt :)

mascanlon said...

Another winner Audrie. I love the energy the few prints bring to the quilt.i am getting better about those choices in my quilts....finally!

Averil said...

Oh man, I think this is now my favourite triangle quilt colour combination!

And now I wish I was there to have picnics in your backyard! <=)

CitricSugar said...

Lol - if you weren't enjoying triangles (or were really crappy at them), your viewing public would intervene and get you some therapy. But you do really lovely things with triangles... Another beauty!

Heidi said...

I'd join the group too ;-)
Wonderful quilt and perfect binding

sjhamilton said...

SO this might sound silly but do I need a pattern to create a triangle quilt? would love to do a black and white one and am just starting out - can you recommend a basic pattern for an isosceles triangle quilt?

Thanks in advance



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