October 14, 2013

Patchwork Love

I started taking on custom orders again, one or two whenever I had the time. I actually found myself missing the process of creating a quilt with clients. And I figured that if I took a more laid back approach, I'd be fine. I didn't have to accept every bloody thing that fell in my lap. And I didn't have to rush and forgo my social life and sleep to get a quilt done ASAP. The whole point of custom quilting for me is that I get to work with someone and make a quilt I sometimes wouldn't have thought up, play with fabric and make a quilt that'll go to a good home. If I didn't enjoy the process, then what's the point?! I'm not a machine.

This patchwork quilt is one I just finished for K. There's not much to say about it except that it's possibly one of my favourite quilts to make. Yes, it's simple, but deceptively so. You can slap together squares, no problem, but getting all those points to match is important to me, and takes a bit of effort. Plus, trying to balance your lights, mediums and darks, and to place your fabrics so that there's harmony is another not so simple task.

K picked the beautiful DS print for the backing, and she decided on this orange binding. At first she couldn't decide on binding (I think I'd given her four choices... probably two too many hehe) but I told her to go with her gut because there's really no right answer. I like to take that approach to quilting... the only person who has to like it is you, and you shouldn't make any apologies.

I'd started quilting it in a teal thread, but it seemed to fuss with the patchwork so much that I ripped it all out and used a white thread instead. Muuuuuuch better :)

I decided to take pictures of the quilt in our backyard since it's all freshly mown and the hubs was available to do some quilt holding hehe Now I kind of want to make myself a picnic quilt to have picnics in the backyard because it's completely shaded from the blasted sun :) Perhaps in the spring!


Northern Deb said...

You are SO right!... about picking a choosing quilts. Lately I've thought about that quite a bit. I'm not elderly but I'm at an age where I'm thinking that I may only have so many quilts left in me. Why make ugly ones, or why fuss with aggravating patterns. I'm making ones I enjoy and working with fabric I like... and if someone else doesn't like it, that's too bad. This is our ART and our hobby (and sometimes out work) but we should enjoy it. Glad to hear you think the same!

mascanlon said...

There is something so pleasing about straight forward patchwork. (Although my points have to match too)

Unknown said...

It looks so deliciously cozy! I want it, and a cuppa tea.

Vicki said...

So pretty.
I am using that same fabric for binding right now, but on a little pumpkin wall hanging. :D

Beth said...

Lovely quilt. Great you have an arrangement that works for you.

Unknown said...

Beautiful, Audrie! I always love your patchwork quilts. Well, truthfully, I always love your quilts, period. Your attention to detail is incredible, and your knack for color and pattern is so great! I hope you do make yourself a picnic quilt. ��

Kelly O. said...

HI Audrey,
I've lately been asked to make custom quilts for others and how much it would cost and I had a tricky time answering... do you have special calculation that you use when you determine the price for your custom work that you'd be willing to share with me?


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