September 16, 2013

Life According To Instagram

Quite a bit of sewing going on, mostly because I just love spending time in my new sewing space! Everything has a place and it's just SO much easier to do anything with clear surfaces. Definitely don't miss having to shift things to make those clear surfaces so I could sew or cut fabric!

I seem to be obsessed with flying geese and HSTs lately. Do you guys go through phases too? Tell me you do so I feel marginally better, thanks.

I've been enjoying cooking with gas again :) I forget how much quicker it is, and I don't have to be super gentle with my pots and pans lest I crack the stove top.

Also enjoying having so many good places to eat nearby. Our newest favourite is the Korean place a few minutes down the street. And then we found out a Korean BBQ is opening up nearby very soon... YAY!

And we've been making these banana peanut butter smoothies... so flipping good! We'd gone to Pinkberry and the hubs had one and fell in love with the combination. I figured we could recreate it at home, and so we did! With some honey added in for good measure. It's an especially brilliant thing to have when I'm driving to work and I can drink my brekkie hehe!

Mostly, we're just enjoying our new home. I feel good here, like it's a good fit. I wake up and I smile because I realise again that we're in our new home. And our second sofa FINALLY arrived. Bloody ten weeks to arrive, but well worth the wait! It's incredibly comfy, and enormous. I mean look at my leg stumps when I sit in the sofa! I've already accidentally on purpose fallen asleep on the sofa... so so good. Looking forward to many more accidental naps in the future!

And yes, I'm in jammies all bloody day long and I will not apologise for it :)


Gina said...

I just bought my first house over the summer, I know exactly how you feel! I just walk around semi-aimlessly with a goofy smile on my face because I can't believe it's mine!

I had been discouraged throughout the house hunting process, but this house has made everything worth it.

Linda R said...

I love PJ Days!! Love my house as well. Nothing large and fancy - but mine and decorated the way I want it. Is that a recent picture of the leaves falling? I live in Ontario Canada and our leaves are falling as well.......a little bit later than last hear though. Enjoy your new sewing is so nice.

mascanlon said...

I am thinking about all these geese I've been seeing, thinking I am going to have cave soon.

kathy said...

can't wait to see those flying geese! peeking at your sketch -- it looks like a clever pattern. what method do you use to make your geese?

*Tyler* said...

Love love love your blog! I spent a week reading from beginning to now. Your quilts are gorgeous and your blog is amazing. Can't wait to read your next post and can't wait for your next visit with your sisters!


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