September 24, 2013

Hello Brooklyn

Oh I love me some Brooklyn. When we returned from Australia and Singapore in May, I found out that Vampire Weekend were playing in Brooklyn, so I immediately booked those tickets and we figured we'd make a weekend of it. Little did I know, that gig was going to be their very first giant arena gig, so I'm doubly thrilled that we were there for it! 

We stayed at NU Hotel, where we stayed the last time. Love that area, plus it's only down the street from the arena. Can you imagine taking a subway after a gig in Brooklyn? Neither can I. We had Vietnamese for dinner... bahn mi and chicken noodles, and lots of yummy iced coffee to wake us up.

We had two opening acts to get through before VW... Sky Ferreira (my first thought was very talented but she seemed high as a kite and apparently, I'm right because she was arrested for drug possession two days prior) and Solange (amazing voice and stage presence... and the closest I'll ever get to Jay-Z *sob* I love you Jay-Z!).

The gig itself was amazing. AMAZING. The tightest set they've played of the many times I've seen them. Oh, and when I was waiting for the gig to start, I was posting pics to Instagram and it turns out Jess was in the crowd and saw my posts! She asked if I wanted to meet, and I replied "Of course!". We chatted for a while and then scurried back to our seats!

If anyone's interested, here's the set list:
Cousins / White Sky / Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa / Diane Young / Unbelievers / Holiday / Step / Horchata / Everlasting Arms / Finger Back / California English / A-Punk / Ladies of Cambridge / Ya Hey / Don't Lie / Song 2 (Cover of a Blur song) / Campus / Oxford Comma / Giving Up The Gun / Obvious Bicycle | Encore | Hannah Hunt / One (Blake's Got A New Face) / Walcott

The rest of our stay in Brooklyn mainly revolved around food. Then again what else do we ever do when we're in the city!? The hubs finally found a bottle of Cream-Nut at Stinky. I can't tell you how many shops we've been to and how long we've been searching for this stupid peanut butter. It better be bloody amazing.

And then the hubs got it in his head that we had to find chocolate chip cookies, so we got some at Caputo's Bake Shop. They're more crunchy than I think he likes, but he enjoyed them all the same. What's not to like about chocolate?! I got a couple of cookies with jam in the middle and I loved those. And we stumbled upon Brooklyn Farmacy but unfortunately we were on our way to lunch, so no room for an ice cream float. Sadface.

But we weren't sad too long because I took the hubs to Henry Public and our minds were blown. It's super old timey and very adorable. I had my very first deviled egg ever, and I have to say I LOVE them. I ordered what they're known for... a turkey leg sandwich. It's prepared like a pulled pork sandwich, and served with the best fries ever. The hubs had an egg sandwich that looked absolutely gorgeous but I wouldn't know if it was because the dude breathed it in, and half my sandwich in the time it took me to finish the other half. Hmph.

Ahh Brooklyn :)

And for dinner that night we went to Buttermilk Channel. I'd been with my sisters before and loved the food, so I thought I had to bring the hubs. We had a relatively short wait (they don't take reservations) and they sat us outside, which was really nice because it was a beautiful evening. I had a rib eye, he had the chicken and waffles, and we split an ice cream float with coffee soda. So freaking good.

And before we left, I took the hubs to Van Horn, a little place run by a dude from North Carolina, and they're known for their sandwiches. I had the fried chicken sandwich, and the hubs had a full country breakfast. And half my sandwich. I'm a cheap date, what can I say! Haha!

Then home we went. Ah New York, I love you muchly, but my feet hurt greatly. Plus I fell sick while I was there so that was unpleasant. Still, I can't wait till our next visit :)


Linda R said...

Wow - it looks like you had a great time. Tks for sharing all the cool pictures! Don't you just love old funky shops etc.

Jessica said...

Ha. Ha ha ha. We took the subway after the concert =/ Wish I had thought that one out beforehand. Oh well. Your food pics are drool worthy. Glad you and the husband had so much fun! It was great to meet you! :D

One Shabby Chick said...

Umm....yum! I can't imagine how you fit all that food in your tiny self! Sounds like an amazing weekend!


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