May 18, 2013

Australia: Part Three

Hah! The sisters three! It's very rare for us to all be together (well okay, not suuuuuper rare, but rare for us!) so we always insist on taking pictures together whenever we can. Love my girls :)

Yup. We take one normal picture... followed by ten idiotic ones. Well, more than ten... but yeah... Mum is so proud. 

Ahhhh Melbourne :) We walked around Brunswick Street in Fitzroy almost all day because that's one of our favourite areas. It's all grungy with interesting little shops, and the graffiti art everywhere is mind-blowing. SO amazing.

The hubs was so gleeful in the first record shop we found that I had to pretend to be David Attenborough, finding a music lover in the wild. We're not for everyone...

DO YOU SEE ALL THOSE SEWING MACHINES?!?! Ahhhh it hurt so much to have to leave them all behind! There was this cute little hand cranked toy one at another shop that I so wanted, but it was too much money. Bah.

Love Brunswick Street. Definitely go when you visit Melbourne :)


CitricSugar said...

Oh, look at that cool trio!

Laughed out loud at that Richard Attenborough crack - hilarious!

JB said...

I love Melbourne, definitely my favourite city in the world! I agree, Brunswick Street is a must!

Cindy said...

Great pictures!! Looks like an interesting place! Love the ones with you and your sisters!:)


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