May 22, 2013

Australia: Part Four

More pictures from Australia :)

That's the corner of where we stayed. We were right by the Botanical Gardens where they had the Anzac Day celebrations (I wasn't going to wake up for the 6am gathering so you're just going to have to imagine it...), and that's basically like Australia's version of Memorial Day.

One morning the hubs went for a run around The Tan and kind of lost his way, so his half hour run became an hour and a half hehehe Silly goose.

How awesome are those glasses??? Want!

Chapel Street is another one of my favourite parts of Melbourne. We went to many second hand shops and I wanted to bring sooooo many things home! Beautiful mid-century furniture, bits of decor... heaven! My cousin ended up buying a small child's chair that she's going to attempt to restore. Parts of Chapel Street are kind of posh, and she kept muttering, "Great... I'm going to be walking down Chapel Street carrying a bloody chair..." Hehehe!

Also, those eye things are creepy as hell. So creepy that it's awesome.

Mrs Parma's.

Chicken Parmigiana.

If you're in Melbourne, those two things have to happen. Capisce? Don't even argue. Just do it.

St. Ali Coffee Roasters for brekkie... beautiful food, yummy coffee. Hilarious decor. 

Really hilarious decor. They've hung paintings from an artist and I kept laughing at how the lightbulb happened to censor the artist's self-portrait lol!


mascanlon said...

Loving the travelogue!


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