May 17, 2013


Oh hi, remember me? I had a blog that I used to update regularly. I suck. I'm sorry. 

I've been so busy lately with loads of stuff, but thankfully some of that stuff now includes sewing! We settled back to our routine after returning from our trip (it's amazing how three weeks away will erase how you do every day things!) and there's been so much running around as well. It doesn't seem to be slowing down, but if there's sewing thrown in there, who am I to complain, right?

On Wednesday afternoon we took a little ride to Boston to see my favourite band, Vampire Weekend :) They're always amazing live, and so much fun. I danced and bopped the entire time, and because I'd been listening to their new album on repeat, I sang along to everything... my throat was so hoarse! We got home around 1am, and both of us had to work the next morning so that was just a treat haha! We're catching them again in September... can't wait!!!

Some actual randomness...

- My melissa + Liberty of London shoes! I got them in Singapore and I just looooove them. I also got a pair of melissa + Jason Wu ones in Australia. I seriously would've bought more but I exercised what little self-control I have.

- My MIL had balloons waiting for us when we got home hehe She's so silly! Love her!

- So the picture of the two guys... We were on the T in Boston and Seated Guy had his legs spread when the train filled up in a flash. Standing guy decided to stand riiiiight between Seated Guy's legs, so the latter had to protect his man junk the entire time. The hubs and I kept giggling at this hilarity and eventually snapped this photo because we needed to remember this for always.

- And an irritating bird took a giant shit on our front door. Nice. Reminds me of the pelican shit we used to find on our balcony in Australia. Fun times.

And what's one of these posts without food!

- I've been eating a lot of avocados lately... They're yummy and cheap at Costco!

- We had chicken tenders at Raising Cane's before the Vampire Weekend gig because there was nothing else. It was pretty good... not a fan of fried foods, so yeah...

- The ridiculous gelato at the wedding we attended on Saturday. I wanted to breathe it all in. I ate a few bites and ate the chocolate strawberry then ignored it while it tried to make eyes at me. Evil, evil gelato.

I've got more pictures of Australia coming... and of course stuff I've been sewing!


CitricSugar said...

People disappear every now and then. You came back. With hilarious junk-guarding photos and pictures of steak.

I can imagine chicken tenders being even worse on a fork. You eat them with your fingers to keep expectations of them resembling classy food way way down. :-)

Donna said...

Without the bird poop, your photo could be an advertisement for a door of the future where you can see who's there but they can't see in. Love the liberty shoes!


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