January 7, 2013


How was everyone's weekend? We had a lovely weekend together... actually out of the house! We went to Northampton, ate at our favourite Mexican place, walked around and loved it. On Sunday we went to our favourite Vietnamese place and omgsogood. Having spent the last couple of weeks kind of homebound because we weren't well, I think going to the local dump would've been exciting too. Well, maybe not.

Anyway, here's some pictures from Instagram...

Out and About:
- I'm attempting to 'pick' the hub's nose while he's driving. I'm a hoot.

- MEXICAN FOOOOOOD! Tortilla soup, a chicken burrito and chicken quesadillas. Not a word was spoken as we inhaled them.

- Stripes! I love stripes, even though I'm short and probably shouldn't be wearing horizontal stripes. But I have come to terms with my shortness. It's not like everyone doesn't already know I'm pocket-sized...

- I'm a NINJA! Again, car shenanigans.

Food... I Cooked It:
- Chili with a floating corn muffin.

- Pasta, pesto, chicken. Yum.

- Pork chops with roasted brussel sprouts.

- Salmon (trout, really... because it was on sale) patties with dill sauce and salad.

And then there's cats. Ah the cats :)


Marla said...

That mexican food looks amazeballs. I want some right now.

sukie said...

The nose picking is my favorite!

Shannon said...

Umm, you would have had a great time at the dump! One time Chris met a homeless man there and gave him a ride...they had a nice chat about trying to make better life choices. (Of course, I would have had a heart attack if he told me he was going to pick up a stranger...doesn't he watch crime shows?)


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