January 5, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mum!!!

It's my Mum's birthday, people! Well technically her birthday's over because Singapore is 13 hours ahead of us. I did txt her yesterday afternoon (after her midnight) to wish her a happy birthday though. Such a good girl I am. 

I looked for a current picture of my Mum but I'm pretty sure I'll get disowned for posting the ones that I do have. And the ones that she's smiling sweetly in, she's in her jammies. Oh Mum. But I have a feeling that if anyone's looking for proper pictures of me, they'll have the same problems. I definitely know here I get my disdain of having my picture taken from for certain :) 

So instead of a picture, here's a video of a song she loved back in the 90s. She doesn't really listen to stuff like that but for a time, she'd listen to it on her CD player and headphones and sing along. She's pretty adorable, that mother of mine. Plus she actually called me long distance from Singapore just to tell me that Shannon Hoon had passed away. Umm, très importante, mother. 

Here it is... No Rain by Blind Melon. I hope you remember it, Mum. Otherwise, I'm booking you a room at a retirement home.  Love you.


Jan said...

Happy Birthday, to your Mom. Love the video, and I would have called you, too. It was très importante, to her.

Laura said...

Wishing your mother a happy birthday. We are big blind melon fans at my house as we attended school with Shannon and my lil sis was good friends with him. He is missed, a great musician.

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Feliz aniversário para sua mãe e muita saúde.Vale a pena comemorar por uma semana,portanto,atrasos está valendo.BeijoGRANDE para as duas.


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