June 20, 2012

I Am Boiling

It's only the very beginning of summer and it's a ghastly 94°F / 34.5°C today. I went outside to fetch the mail and I almost started weeping. I'm quite ready for summer to be over already, thank you. 

I'm so uncomfortable every time I have to leave the house, and I become somewhat of a vampire doing all my shopping and running errands at night LOL! When I lived in Australia, I knew where all the underground parking in the city were so those were the only places I'd go (most places shut at 5pm over there). And in Singapore, most things were underground / covered, and you don't have to go outside if you don't want to. 

We put our aircons in last night (we really waited till the very last second!) so I'm doing well until I have to venture outside. All three aircons are new so we're really putting them to the test today. The one in our bedroom is a portable one, so we're hoping it'll work as well as the usual window ones. If it doesn't, I suspect the hubs will start stabbing it. I'll be sure to take photos, don't you worry.

The cats don't seem to realise it's summer, and mummy doesn't need a warm body stuck to her, so I've got the aircon blasting. I'm currently (well, currently I'm at the computer...) sitting on the sofa sewing hexies for a bib a friend wants to gift a mutual friend's baby. I'd made the little boy the duckie quilt last year, so the scraps from that project are being used for the bib. I love scraps muchly. 

I hope everyone's keeping cool, and if you have to go outside... SUNSCREEN!!! Carry it with you. Put it in your purse, your car, your husband's car, the baby bag etc. I'll stop nagging now. 


Angela Nash said...

Last weekend, at the lacrosse tournament, I was the crazy sunscreen mom. I went around to all the boys and coated them. Many didn't want it, but I told them they would be sprayed anyway. After a while, the rest gave up and just stood for it :) UVindex of 10 in Denver!

Kara {me and elna} said...

Oh em gee, I haaaaaaaaaate this weather!!! Why is God punishing us?

Meg said...

I agree--this is awful! Too much and way too soon. It's only June! Thankfully, I think it's supposed to break sometime Friday--hope the weather people know what they're talking about for a change!

Sandra (Cherry Heart) said...

lol! Come to England, our non resistant summer will cool you right down :) Love your little hexies and I lOvE the funky tray too!!

S x

CitricSugar said...

I'm not heat-tolerant at all and tend to hide when the sun's blazing. I prefer shade to sunscreen - for some reason it acts like a magnifying glass on my skin. Mind you, I'd take a little sun after two weeks of pretty constant rain. But no hotter than 25C please.

Carla said...

Have you seen Katy's quilt a long of her Hexy mf quilt?
I caved in and started it.

Katy of I'm a ginger monkey.

Happy stitching, Carla


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