June 22, 2012

And Then There Was Rain

And lots of it!

New England weather will baffle me for as long as I live here. It's slight crazy, always amusing and definitely confusing. It was boiling hot the last few days bur this afternoon, the sky split open and poured a tonne of rain on us. It has cooled everything down but I hate driving when it's so wet and rainy. People get extremely stupid on the roads and I'm afraid they'll plough into me or the hubs. Clearly, I'm still not over getting hit in last year's accident

On the bright side, I don't have to water the plants today. Although I'm hoping they'll be alright in the downpour. The tomato plant in the blue pot has gone rogue and there's branches everywhere. They grew so quickly I didn't manage to get a couple of them into the cage! I'm sure Mr Gnome will look after them for me though :)

All the pictures were taken through my windows and screens so you can have a look at how dirty I like to keep them. I'm awesome.


Unknown said...

Looks so wonderful...please send it my way!

Averil said...

Just use some of those twisty-ties that come with those garbage bag rolls and attach them to the wire frame on the outside! Have you cooked with any of the cherry tomatoes? Poor thing, drive carefully yah, stay safe!!!


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