May 9, 2012

Hey Macarena!

I was sitting in the living room when I heard the faint sound of the hubs singing in the kitchen...

Me: "Are you singing Macarena?!?!"
Hubs: "Uhh... no..."
Me: "You are, aren't you?"
Hubs: "No."
Me: "OMG you were."
Hubs: "I enjoy the Macarena, okay?!"
Me: "You know I have to blog about this."
Hubs: "No please."
Me: "Oh yes please."

Here's the video. We can ick all we want but it's insanely funny. And you know you remember how to dance the bloody Macarena :)


Angela Nash said...

NOT even going to click on that thing. It will be stuck in my head for days!

Kara @myothercarisacrane said...

Stories about your hubs light up my blog roll. :)

mascanlon said...

Oh this made my AM and the Macarena and a silly story about hubs too boot!

Jopsy said...

LOL!! Bless him! ;)

Janice said...

I just watched it like eight times in a row. And yes, I did the dance!

Debbie said...

haha. So fun!

Averil said...

Bet he was doing the dance moves too!!!!


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