May 10, 2012

My Monthly Dose Of Nature

Look at all my pretty flowers! That I had nothing to do with! This is my kind of gardening... Once in a long while I go into the backyard to see what's what, and pretty things stare back at me. I took these pictures after all the buckets of rain we've been getting because I love how flowers look after a rain shower.

Oh, and there was a little cardinal hopping around the yard. I loooove cardinals. I tried to get closer but the little shit flew up into the trees. Meanhead.


Danielle said...

Bahahaha. Love it.

Averil said...

Methinks you need a zoom lens!

CitricSugar said...

Beautiful shots!

We had a bluejay bullying all the other birds here last year... I never knew that they could be total douchewads like that. Add cardinals to the list. :-)


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