May 8, 2012


Instagram pictures from the last few days...

I dug out a bag from my wardrobe and found $5.26 in it. It's pathetic how excited I was about it.

Met Shannon to hang out and we ended up at Pinkberry. Again. We both got salted caramel yogurt, Shannon's with chocolate chips, and mine with toasted almonds. Which cost exactly $5.26. I'm not even shitting you.

When she dropped me off, we went to check to see if my lilac bush had bloomed... and it had!!! So beautiful! :)

And in my mailbox was a Spring Carnival template set from Katy! She'd very kindly sent it to me as a birthday gift and I can't wait to get started!!!

Quilted the baby quilt, and put the binding on later that evening. I'll never tire of sewing on binding. I hope.

And then I made hexagons on the couch and in bed, which then became the baby bib!

And as always, there's the kitties! Awww mah babies :)


CitricSugar said...

Way crazy about the handbag and the yogurt.

I have that template set but have yet to do anything with it. It's pretty though. I'm terrified of y-seams. Y-seam is the new curve.

And who doesn't love a fluffy kitty? Funny about the square. The only time you can control a cat is by putting a single object in the midst of a vast and empty space because you KNOW that is where they will choose to lie.

Carla said...

love the little hexies. I used to do them in bed too. More productive than reading : )
Have a great day.


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