April 2, 2012

Big Pimpin Up In NYC

Did everyone have a lovely weekend? It was pretty disgusting weather-wise, but the hubs and I had ourselves some fun. On Friday we took a little day trip to NYC because I had to get something done at the Australian Consulate. After that it was a lot of shopping and walking and eating and walking and walking... You get the idea :)

The lanterns at Chelsea Market... One of the few sights I pulled my camera out for. Gorgeous :)

I mainly took pictures with my iPhone and posted it to Instagram so many of my bloggy friends came along for the ride hehe 

(I'll go left to right on each row...)

On the train to the city. They'd better not change back to using the yucky old trains because I'll cry. 

Purl Soho! My Mecca! I went to poke around and of course left with fabric. To leave empty-handed would be a crime, no?

Some of the 18 miles of books at The Strand. I just like walking around, surrounded by books. 

I found CASSETTES on sale at Other Music. WHAT!?!?! The hubs said they're making a comeback. Seriously? Can someone look in to this please? My pre-teen self is giddy with nostalgia. Just picture it: bopping around with your Walkman. Yes, please! And if you don't remember cassettes, don't make me hit you.

We grabbed an early lunch at Num Pang. They now have a shop in Midtown and as a shortypants, I'd like to request that they have a table that's a tad lower because I was kind of eating on my tippy toes. Stop. Laughing. HEE.

That's the hub's ginger soy brisket. Where's the picture of my sandwich, you ask? Well. He'd taken mine thinking it was his and by the time I finished taking the pic of his sandwich, he'd eaten half of mine. Oh honey. You're lucky I can't kill you.

We went to the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop in the East Village and that's the hub's Choinkwich. Cho for chocolate, oink for the bacon marmalade, wich for the two chocolate cookies. Sounds insane but it works.

My Salty Pimp. Vanilla ice cream with dulce de leche, sea salt and dipped in chocolate. I wanted to marry it.

And as always, we visited the giant Nutella bottles at Chelsea Market. I want to swim in it. My love for Nutella runs deep, ya'll.

And on Saturday and Sunday...
We bought a generator. Finally. The hubs wouldn't let me help lift it because I'm a nugget and I'll start to cry. His words, not mine.

I hate eggplant in general, but oh my goodness these eggplant fries make my toes curl. I'll bet money my sister Averil who also hates eggplant will like these.

I wandered the mall while the hubs got his haircut. I cannot be left alone because I buy things. Although I'm kind of excited about this spatula paddle (spatudle?) and the hubs tried to get me to try it out when we got home.

And then I made salmon and veggies for dinner.

The end.


mascanlon said...

You'll love the spatula paddle, it does work! Looks like a lovely kind of day, add food and fabric well what's not to like.

Debbie said...

oh my that sounds like one fantastic day!!

Anonymous said...

I heart NY!
Love your photo tour.


CaryManda said...

A. You and Big Pimpin. Hilarious.
B. Spatudle? You should definitely contact Kitchenaide now. They'll pay you for that kind of genius.

CitricSugar said...

I eat vicariously through your food pics.


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