March 28, 2012

Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration

It's a really beautiful book and I'm so excited to finally see it in print. I got very familiar with all the quilts during the photoshoot so it's like seeing old friends again. Denyse never told me not to talk about them, but I gave her the same consideration I'd want if it were my book. You don't know how hard it is to be quiet about quilts that inspire and excite you!!! There was a tiny sneak peek during last year's sample sale, but nothing beats being able to see every quilt in detail.

Denyse was lovely enough to sign the book, and I'm still dying over the fact that my name can be found within the acknowledgements. I enjoyed every second of it and had such great fun with Denyse, Janis, John and Dave. Those are memories I'll have forever, and I'm just grateful to have been a tiny part of this magnificent book. 

By the way, if you're in NYC on Thursday March 29th, be sure to pop by Purl Soho for Denyse's book signing.

I REALLY wish I could go, but as luck would have it, I'm working that day. I will be going to the city the next day though... irony of ironies. Hiss booooooo...


RWL said...

OMG JEALOUS. can't wait to get my copy. sooooo sad that i won't be in nyc this weekend to meet her. thought i might pee my pants if i did. what a mess. eek!

Angela Nash said...

Congrats! Can't wait to see some of your photos of those awesome quilts.

Amanda Jean said...

i read through this book this weekend, thanks to my kind neighbor lending it to me. i saw your name in the back and did a little squeal for you. how cool must that have been??? i bet it was a wonderful experience!

btw, isn't that book AMAZING? i want to crawl into the pages and live in it. :)


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