January 18, 2012

First Snowfall

We had our first proper snowfall (I'm not counting that bitch of a freak storm in October) of the winter. It's mid-January and we've only just gotten snow. Go figure. By this time last year, we were buried under ten thousand feet of it.

I'm not a very big fan of the stuff, but it's kind of pretty. Well, pretty until it melts and gets all mucky and gross and makes you question your faith in all humanity.

Whoops, I kind of went to the dark side there, didn't I? You see, my cheery disposition is courtesy of a cold. I went to the doctor to get my ear flushed and was informed that I also have a cold. Like "Oh hey, while you're here, want a cold too?". Did he not realise I was trying to ignore my scratchy throat and sniffly nose so I could get shit done? Such a rudepants.


mascanlon said...

No snow in SoCal but it was 41 in my car this AM. Gorgeous sunrise to on my way to work. Sorry about the cold, it was rude of him to point it out!

Laura said...

In that first photo, it looks like there's a fuzzy bear walking in your yard. Or maybe I have an overactive imagination. ;-)

Jules said...

you crack me up!, we have been lucky with the snow here this year too. most unusual for upstate NY!. i'm not too fond of it either, it's pretty and then it's just a bitch to live in!.
we have had colds here too, try getting an uncooperative 18 month old to wipe her nose!! not cool.not only do you deal with your own snot but someone elses too!.

CitricSugar said...

Feel better, my dear.

We had no snow in December but we've had a bunch since. We had pretty mild weather, too, but the last couple of days it's been -46C(and beyond) with the windchill. My phone got so cold today that it said I had "No SIM". So I'm not begrudging anyone dark-sidedness today. :-)


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