September 15, 2011

Instagram Love

I have the dumbs when it comes to techie stuff. I'd downloaded Instagram ages ago but had no idea I had to add / follow people till my sister Averil told me. I'd had mine set to 'private' and was clueless that people had sent me requests to add them. Apparently I download apps and not play with them a whole lot. Oopsie.

Anyway, ever since my enlightenment, I've been happily snapping pictures. I think I'll start sharing the pictures here since I spend so much of my time tinkering with it and ignoring my dear ol' blog. Yes, I said tinkering. 

Food, glorious food.

From top left... German pancake; meatloaf and corn from the stand down the street (BEST CORN EVARR); meatball and roast beef grinders from Franklin Grinders; lasagna; cupcakes at Sugarbelle with Shannon; and bubble tea from Pho Boston.

Obviously, I take pictures of my cats a lot. I work from home, and they're ridiculously cute.

From top left... Isobel and her best friend, the remote; Isobel lazing; Matilda and Isobel completely confused by the black cat that visits us once in a while; the hubs wrapped Matilda in a blankie so she looked like a little old lady (good grief); fuzzball Matilda; and Isobel making lovey eyes.

And some random shots.

From top left... Quilting on the wedding quilt all done; autumn's arrived and brought squash and pumpkins; sunsets always make me smile; cutie pie Olivia; working on the wedding quilt; and a gorgeous sky while we were driving home one day.

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them if you want to have a better look. And I'm 'blueisbleu' on Instagram if you're so inclined :)


Angela {fussycut} said...

Isn't it so fun? I got it a couple weeks ago, and I'm totally hooked. :)


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