August 21, 2011

Wonky Zoo Pool Quilt... Times Two

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a lady who'd purchased a wonky zoo quilt from me in 2009. She wanted two more -- one for a friend, another for her cousin. I thought it was a little curious she'd want them to have the exact same quilt as her son, but if she didn't mind, who was I to? :) 

I just took pictures of one since this is like the millionth one of these I've made hehe I've never replicated a quilt this many times before!

This time I went with loopy quilting because I think I'm taking a break from stippling. It's funny how all my quilts at one point were stippled and now the thought of it gives me hives!

I had to explain to her that I'd run out of the original backing fabric and that they don't reprint fabrics, so it was a little trying to find a fabric that she liked. I'd intended on using the blue gingham from the DS Quilts Collection but she reckoned it looked too much like a picnic blanket. Aaaand Denyse just fell over. Hehehe!

Anyway she finally found one from Bernartex she liked, so phew!

I kind of wish I'd gotten more of that Bernartex fabric because it's got such a nice hand. The binding's a navy blue with a very tiny floral print so from afar it just looks like tiny dots of blues. 

They were sent off a few days ago and I hope they'll be loved by the little boys they'll be gifted to :)


Summer Killebrew said...

So funny. I was looping everything, now I'm stippling. Good thing too, we might have thrown the whole quilting world off balance.

Cute quilts too. :)

Angela Nash said...

Very nice. They will be much loved, I'm sure.


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