August 15, 2011

Wedding Bells

The hubs and I attended his cousin's wedding over the weekend, and it's the second American wedding I'd ever attended. The first being my own! Hah!

The bride and her father :)

The newlyweds!

The couple have a little boy who was pulled down the aisle in a little red wagon heehee! I thought that was so darling, and I loved that he was part of the ceremony.

There was much craziness... a bunch of the hub's cousins' other halves took to the dance floor and had everyone laughing so hard. I happened to catch these amazing dance moves. Everybody in...

And everybody out! LOL!

They did the bouquet toss and garter business which I didn't do at my wedding. My parents pretty much asked that I not allow my husband to stick his head up my dress in front of everybody. I wasn't going to anyway, but I thought it was cute of them to worry about stuff like that :)

My dear friend Shauna made the wedding cake and it was just beautiful! She's so talented it makes you want to smack her :)

There were three layers and flavours, and I was hoping that I'd get a slice of red velvet, which I did! Unfortunately, the hubs ate most of it, so I only managed to sneak a bite. Anyone thinking of starting a diet should really have him around. He'll eat your food whether you want him to or not *grumble*


Dana Gaffney said...

I love the little wagon, it's a great idea. That cake is gorgeous, nice bright colors instead of the usual wedding thing. Are you putting the babies in the Pets on Quilts Show. I just saw a Ragdoll that made me think of you.

CitricSugar said...

Orange and pink - just what I would choose...


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