August 14, 2011

Yay For Things That Go Right! And 77 Cent Books!

It seems like I've been battling technology the last few days. Friday morning I was trying desperately to load pictures so I could write a blog post. It looked like we were having connection issues so I contacted our provider and our connection was fine. We tried everything and today we decided that our wireless router was the culprit. True enough, those things only last three years or so. Ours is three and a half years old, so I guess it's outlived its purpose. Seems quite ridiculous that those things last for such a short time, no?

And then yesterday the sound on my iPhone suddenly went byebyes. I could text all I wanted, but I couldn't make a call. Well, the phone would ring if I had an incoming, but if I picked up, I heard nothing. Weird, right? Even weirder was that today, it was back to working. I'm baffled but definitely not complaining!

While I'm thrilled about good things, here's another good thing... I bought this book on Amazon for 77 cents! Well, plus $3.99 shipping, but it's totally worth it!

I'd seen a picture posted by Susan of Chickenfoot on Flickr about this book she'd bought for 75 cents (dammit, she one-upped me by two measly cents!) and of course I had to check it out.

Love this.

Ahhh lone star :)

This one has me in complete awe.

One day I shall attempt clamshells! Must finish my hexagons first though.

I'm enamoured by traditional patterns, and I always wonder how those amazing women thought up these patterns, and how the heck they managed such fine work without the help of rotary cutters or templates. We are truly spoiled, aren't we? :) And who knows when I'll ever get round to making these quilts, but they're on the list!

The book's called Patchwork, Quilting and Applique, and it looks like it's back down to 75 cents. Dammit.


mascanlon said...

Darn! I placed an order last night with free shipping...that would have been a real deal! That flying geese quilt is just the background watercolor style?

mjb said...

They used to use cardboard for template, or even trace out newspaper!


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