July 15, 2011

At Snail's Pace

Remember the accident I was in two weeks ago? I chased after the accident report right after the 4th of July weekend since I'd been told it'd take two days. Pffft. Two days my ass. 

I called day after day after day to no avail. I left messages, I talked to as many people as I could. Finally the police officer himself called to say that the hold up was with the driver who hit me. She had to provide extra insurance information and had dropped it off with the wrong people. See, told you she's an idiot. 

So anyway, I finally got the report on Wednesday, by which time the lady at the reports office and I were on very friendly terms. I told her she wouldn't get any more bothersome calls from me, but she said I should feel free to call and say hi anytime lol! 

I contacted the idiot's insurance company, got the appraisal appointment for today and I'm very happy to report that my car is finally in the shop :) They'll still need to order parts etc, but like I told the guy at the body shop, as long as I have a rental car and my car comes back to me all fixed and pretty again, I can't complain. 

The funny bit about the rental car is that it tells me the temperature in Celcius! (I know it can be changed but it's staying put as long as I'm driving!) Finally, I actually know what the temperature is!! With Farenheit I'm always kind of just guessing the temperature hehe

It's odd driving a new car. There's SO many buttons with this car and it took me a while to figure out how the hell to move the side mirrors. Oh, and the rental car guy found the need to point out how to make the seats HIGHER. I gave him serious stink eye... Then thanked him.


Kathy MacKie said...

Don't ever want to p--s you off my dear-ROFLMAO. They'll fix your car up real pretty I'm sure then you'll be all set to drive to the next quilt shop.

Deb said...

It took me three times reading the post..."why does she not know the temperature unless it is in Celcius?" I am such a silly American!! I forgot...you weren't reared in the US!! That must be a pain to do math every time the weatherman comes on.


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