January 8, 2011

Still Plugging Along

Worked a little more on the Stonehenge quilt last night. I was asked to make a quilt using the strip tube ruler, which is a really speedy method of making blocks. I laid them out on the design wall last night and started sewing a few of them together.

Definitely different from what I usually work on, but in this case, different is very good :) Can't wait to slap borders on and see it all quilted!

By the way, I've decided to start up another Twitter account. I started one on a whim ages ago, but I immediately hated the username I chose, so I kind of abandoned it. So if anyone's interested, I'm @sewaudrie :)


Dana Gaffney said...

That is turning out beautiful. I've never done the tube method, but after reading about it, I may need to try it. Looks fast.


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