January 7, 2011

Day Off = Day Trip!

The hubs starts a new job next Friday, and decided to take a week off before he starts to unwind and just hang out. His week began today, so of course we headed to Northampton :)

He's so obsessed with horchata that it's become equal parts cute and creepy.

The hub's cheese enchiladas... so good. I wish I were as adventurous with ordering food as he is. He went up to the lady at the counter and asked what her favourite dish was, and ordered it. I pretty much order the same thing constantly.

The evil, evil display at Bakery Normandy. It's ridiculous how delicious everything is.

We spotted a cardinal in the backyard this morning, sitting in the bushes. Then we spotted this pepper shaker cardinal at the bakery :)

Waiting in line at the cafe for our coffees. Hello :)

I am in love with this wall. We walk through this alley everytime we visit Northampton and I finally took a picture of it.

Boot love :) When Bean Boots Met Doc Boots... *chuckle*


Angela Nash said...

You guys are just too cute!

Sandra said...

you should make a quilt of the owl on the wall.


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