January 9, 2011

The Weekend In Food

I like cooking at home. It's cheaper, you know what you're eating, and it's always great to have leftovers the next day.

Last night's dinner was a last minute thing... Some prawns (or shrimp to the Yanks!) with homemade Cajun seasoning, served atop rice pilaf. I usually would throw in some broccoli or whatever veg I had on hand, but my fridge was pretty bare. Whoopsies.

I've taken to making a pork roast every other week or so... It was a lot of experimenting with cook time and I've finally got it :) I had carrots and corn for sides. It's insane how much I love corn... the hubs thinks it's cute but I have a feeling he's making fun of me...

For brekkie tomorrow, I'm going to try this baked oatmeal recipe. I'd seen it done on an episode of Unique Eats and felt the need to make this. I'm going to mix it all tonight so I can just pop it in the oven. Or if I'm being realistic, the hubs will pop it in the oven then wake me when it's done... HEEHEE!



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