September 11, 2010

No Rest For The Wicked

A lady contacted me via Etsy to say she loved the Cherish Nature quilt I made but would I please make her a larger version for her niece. I was able to find another layer cake online, so I agreed.

I just added an inner and outer border which brought the size to about 63" by 72".

I sent it off, and I got an email from her when she received it saying she loved it so much that she'd like me to make her another one! This time for her to keep. Oh my. So I looked around online and found another layer cake, so I agreed.

The next day she emails again to say she did more poking around and saw a quilt she loved, made of Moda Bistro, and wanted to know if I'd please make her a lap quilt with those fabrics too.

O_O (That's me, bug-eyed.)

I managed to find a lady online who'd cut me fat quarters of Moda Bistro (it's a pretty old line and not readily available, so this was very lucky!) and I made larger blocks of the same pattern.

So here's the Cherish Nature one... I don't have any set way of pairing the squares and strips so that the quilts don't end up identical.

Her 9-year-old son decided they ought to have the egg print on the back. I love the egg print :)

I was about to baste the quilt and thought to myself that the eggs are kind of mind-boggling to look at. So I put a couple strips of the turquoise swirl to break them up a little and give the eye something else to focus on.

And here's the Bistro quilt... looove the reds and browns. I'm the biggest coffee addict I know, so this quilt was right up my alley hehe

I used a swirly brown on the back (I thought it looked like steam curling up from a cup of hot coffee). I found it a little boooooooooooring so I put a strip of the dots on the side. Plus now it kind of matches the other one with a bit of a strippy back, no?

I just love those dots. And the coffee cups. I need coffee.

I need it because there's lots more to be done. And I'm loving it :)


badlandsquilts said...

Those both great quilts! I love the loopy quilting!

Angela Nash said...

Holy Cow! That's just awesome.

Angela Nash said...

...and making good use of that Horizon!

CaryManda said...

it's a good thing Steve is so tall. :)

love your work babe!

Amelia said...

Wow you've been busy .... they all look fantastic!

mascanlon said...

Gosh have you been productive! I am so impressed.

Manda said...

wow i love these!

Aurelia said...

Argh! No wonder you haven't been online recently. Your fingers must b raw and bloody from all the quilting you've been doing.

Can't wait to see you! One more month! =)

Meg said...

No wonder you've been scarce! Busy girl! They look amazing!

Rebekah said...

great quilts! Sounds like you've found an amazing customer!

I love love love your loopy quilting!


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