July 4, 2009

Arcadia Quilt Is Donest!

I'm finally done with my Arcadia quilt! It didn't actually take long, on the contrary, it's just that I've been taking a couple days off from quilting because quilting this beast was quite an experience.

And yes, I realise we need a headboard. It's on the list, I promise.

It's not that it took that long, but wrangling a queen-sized quilt was slightly challenging. But it was well worth the effort because I'm in love with it. And better yet, the hubs loves it too!

Quite glad I went with the grey Kona cotton because it mellows it out a whole lot.

I used a dark brown Kona cotton fabric for the binding (it's not quite as dark as shown in the picture). Initially I was regretting not using a charcoal but after finishing it, I quite like how it looks. I'd gone with brown because there's brown in some of the fabrics and I thought a plain binding would keep it nice and mellow.

It's now in the wash... fingers crossed nothing bleeds!


Allison said...

I Love it! I love the grey too, it goes so well with the gold color in that fabric line. Fabulous! Thanks for stopping by and linking! -Allison

Victoria said...

Beautiful job! I love how the gray background and the brown binding play off of the colored blocks!

Leslie said...

that is such a beautiful quilt....your stippling looks so nice

Anonymous said...

Neat pattern, great fabrics and beautiful work on the quilt. Enjoying your links!


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