July 19, 2009

Am I A Romper Kinda Girl?

I've never given thought to wearing a romper. Then yesterday I saw this Mavi romper at the store (on super sale), and tried it on. Of course it was a size too big and you could see all the way down my back. I'm short so the likelihood of someone peering down is extremely high.

What a pity. It's so cute, and I love Mavi. Hopefully while I'm in NYC I'll hunt down one in my size. Fingers crossed!


Resh said...

good luck!!! i love rompers too, but i would never wear one, i just admire them from afar. They are so cute tho!!!

Aurelia said...

i've tried them on they seem weird on me. maybe it's just about finding the right one that doesn't make us look 12.


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