June 16, 2009

The Orla Kiely Obsession Continues

Yesterday I went to Target* to exchange a flat sheet I ordered online (the colour was awful in person!)... and what did I spy? Orla Kiely items on clearance!

A travesty indeed! You might remember this post from a while back where I was slightly obsessed by the collection and rather pouty that I couldn't get too many things from it because of the price. In particular, I wanted this large canister that was going for $19.99.

But of course I'm totally gleeful because I managed to finally get it!

50% off totally rocks. Now... whatever shall I do with it...

* Last year we ordered a desk from the Target website but had to return it because it wasn't what we wanted. Instead of refunding us the money, they issued us an online gift card. You can imagine my displeasure. Therefore, since this incident I've refused to shop at Target unless the item can be bought online with free shipping. The only exceptions have been the few Orla Kiely items I've had to purchase instore. My disdain for Target will be everlasting.


Jennifer said...

I left you a shoutout on my blog today!

And I'm totally scoring this stuff!

The Food Librarian said...

That is really pretty and such a great deal!

Two Tall Girls said...

Designer clearance finds are the best! I found a coffee mug from her collection this weekend at the store for $3. I am loving it.


Anonymous said...

clearance bargains are the absolute best, sales are the greatest things evaaarrr!!!



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