May 27, 2009

Oh Spring Time

I'm new to the whole world of gardening and plants (this is my second Spring in the States), so sights like these still take my breath away. Although I hope in years to come, they won't lose their magic.

I'll have pictures of the plants in my garden and window boxes tomorrow (I hope! I'll write myself a post-it note right now...). I must confess I tend to only remember to take them when it's dark outside. I'm what one might call, an indoor girl. Going outside voluntarily doesn't even filter into my thought process, except in the evenings when I know I need to water my plants.

It actually amazes me that I've taken to gardening at all, seeing as it requires being outside and touching dirt. I still scream when I encounter an earthworm though. My neighbours must think I'm quite mental. But I digress... Pictures will be here tomorrow. Most likely.


CaryManda said...

you're going soft!

i need to get you one of those big sun hats and some overalls! ;)


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