May 27, 2009

Garden Version 2.0

My second garden. Using a few different plants this year because I stupidly planted a lot of things that don't bloom last year. Not so smart.

They weren't planted too long ago, so not too much is blooming right now. Well the window boxes are, but they were blooming when I got them so I can't take credit for that.

I think the window boxes are my favourite things. I used geranium and lobelia again like I did last year because they did so well and bloomed beautifully. I can't wait till the lobelia completely fills in, and there'll be a sea of purple-y blue under the pinks. Just gorgeous.

The lobelia (the non-hanging kind) by the front door. I got a mixture of blues and whites but the white ones haven't started blooming yet.

Went outside to take pictures, and I found that one of my asters has bloomed! I'm fairly certain that it was already a bud when I got it, but the hubs says it's blooming because I planted it right. Umm, unless I planted it upside down, I'm not sure what other way there was to plant it. Love him for being a sweetie though.

The garden by the rock in the front lawn. That's mostly aster with lobelia on the border and dahlia on the side. It looks very blah right now since only one aster's blooming and only some of the blue lobelia have flowers.

I'm not quite sure why I got the dahlia because they look kind of droopy and I'm half-anticipating their premature deaths. Please prove me wrong little ones.


CaryManda said...

you make me wish i had window boxes!!

very purdy!

Anonymous said...

plant more of me!!! =D


Aurelia said...

oooh! next time for planting, go nuts and plant some awesome Helicopter flowers!

Blue is Bleu said...


Hee I didn't get any averil sempervivum this year... everything I got is a flowering plant. Sorry!

What in the world are helicopter flowers?

Kristina said...

Ooo, pink geraniums with lobelia is one of my favorite combiations ever. Lovely.

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