April 14, 2009

Pretending To Be A Gardener

Last year was the first time I ever did any gardening and I'm attempting to do a bit more this year. Of course my gardening was confined to my three window boxes (in which I grew geraniums and lobelia) and a tiny patch in the front yard by a large rock. Why do people put a large rock in their front lawns anyway? This one was here when we moved in, so I have nothing to do with its placement. But I digress.
So this year I toyed with the idea of planting veggies. For about five minutes, then I decided I can't be bothered. So I went with sunflowers instead. I might still do some veggie gardening, but I wouldn't put money on it.
I looked up growing sunflowers from seed, and one site suggested germinating them with damp paper towels. I'm using a baking dish. My OCD-ness wants to burn the baking dish after I'm done germinating the seeds.

I find myself having to spray the paper towels every few hours because it dries up. The site said the seeds should be kept damp, not wet, so I suppose I'll have to keep spraying the damn thing for the next week or two. Damn things better germinate quickly.

I also got some Zinnia seeds and I think I'll get one of those trays that allow you to grow the seeds into seedlings before transplanting into the ground. This could be very awesome or a colossal waste of time.


Aurelia said...

why can't you just buy already-grown ones and bung them in??

yeah, ok, i'm not a gardener either...:0)

REread said...

I'm your chuck in a handful of dried beans and seeds from the pantry and see what happens ... my garden is a 'no work' garden i.e. i do no work it just grows somehow, i have pumpkins, paw paw, some kind of beans?? it's fun


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