April 18, 2009

32 Is The New Black

It's my 32nd birthday today. I was born in Singapore so technically my birthday started at noon yesterday. And I'm quite happy to have 36 hours instead of the usual 24 to consider as my special day. Hah!

My sisters collaborated with the hubs to get me an Anthropologie gift card -- they're both overseas and gift cards aren't made available to international customers. My hubs got me one too, so you can well imagine my excitement. I was squealing in delight and then smashed his toes in the process. Ahem. 

But of course since I wasn't aware that they were going to do this, I went to Anthro the other day and used my 15% birthday discount. Damn it. 

And my friend Brigette made me this beautiful painting:

The picture really doesn't come close to doing it justice. It's meant to be a red velvet cupcake. See, I was the first person to bake her some so red velvet always reminds her of me. I've always wanted one of her paintings so this means a lot to me. She also got me two tea towels from Anthro. Last year she got me one and I framed it. I'm under strict orders to actually use these towels for their intended purpose. I kind of don't want to though... perhaps if I turn them into aprons?


Steven B said...

Yes, but black is the new yellow, which is the new 48, which is the new green, which is the new 24, which, finally, is the new 32!!!!


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