April 28, 2009

New England Weather

I'm sure I speak for everyone in New England at the moment when I say we all feel like this vase of tulips. In the time that I've been living in Connecticut, I've come to realise New Englanders enjoy talking about the weather. A wee bit too much. The past few days though, I've finally realised why.

Ever since the official beginning of spring, it'd been fairly comfortable, temperatures remaining in the 50s and 60s* (between 13 and 18 Celcius, approximately) during the daytime. Nighttime, it got quite cold, normally hovering just above freezing point. Even though I grew up in tropical Singapore, I absolutely detest the heat and sunshine, and would probably give my right arm to never have to endure another summer. The cool weather suited me perfectly fine and I was a happy little bunny.

Well, on Saturday, the weather went severely haywire. We hit the 80s (I'd say about 28C) and the hubs and I had no idea what to do with ourselves. The two of us went around the house throwing open any window with a screen and turned the attic fan on. I dusted off my tank tops and shorts and cast off my flannel jammies. Sunday we endured even higher temperatures and I endured incessant grumbling from the hubs.

Tomorrow we're supposed to hit 90F (32C). I'm not sure I'll survive this. It's not like this is the worst heat I've ever endured. I lived through Australian summers that soared above the 110F (44C) mark where we got the day off from school (you'd think this was great like a snow day, but then all you get is to suffer the disgusting heat in your own home). I think our biggest problem with this heatwave is that it came on so suddenly and completely out of nowhere. I'm not sure if I imagined this, but on Sunday afternoon, I believe my sewing machine made a sound much like a wounded animal breathing its last breath. Or perhaps that was the hubs...

Thankfully on Wednesday we're supposed to return to the 70s and it'll continue to go down to the 60s. I, for one, am counting the hours. No freaking wonder people talk about the weather so much here. There's more turns and twists than any soap on telly!

* I will go on record as declaring that I have nothing but loathing for the Fahrenheit scale. 32F is freezing and 212F is boiling?! What? Why? Ugh. It's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Mr. Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, you suck. From now until my death, I am damned to have to convert from Fahrenheit to Celcius in my head everytime I check the weather forecast. Thanks a lot, you colossal ass.

Picture from About.com: Chemistry.


Aurelia said...

i still cannot understand why your house has no proper airconditioning? those old ones that stick out the window just don't measure up.

Audrie said...

I don't understand it either... the ways of the New Englanders still baffle me. When we can afford it, we'll put in central air. That'll teach 'em.

CaryManda said...

heat is evil. purely evil I say. It was 76 in my house today and i had to turn on the air! Ticked me right off because, HI! It's only April. I guess almost May, but whatever.

Steven B said...

I love the picture. It perfectly captures how I feel about hot weather...*droopy*


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