April 24, 2009

House Arrest Over

So all this week, I've been under what felt like house arrest. The hubs was supposed to pick up books for his bar exam prep last Wednesday but the morons that run the place only emailed the notice the evening before and he missed it. His next two options were to either drive to Boston and pick them up, or they'd ship it to us via FedEx. He opted for the latter, and was told that someone had to be home to sign for it or it'd cost us to have it resent. I stayed home, and waited... and waited. Monday... nothing. Tuesday... zip. Wednesday, I got fed up and asked the hubs to ring them to see if we could get a tracking number. Turns out, they hadn't even sent the package! Oh the fury... He finally got them to send it and got a UPS tracking number (yes, they even got the carrier wrong) this time. We checked, and it said Thursday would be the day. So I stayed home again... waiting and waiting. 4pm rolls around and finally the beautiful vision of a brown UPS truck stops outside our house. I run to the door to receive the package and sign for it... only to find that it didn't need to be signed for. So. Angry. So very, very angry. I was cussing like a sailor and my cats are possibly quite traumatised by my tirade to no one in particular. I wasted days and days just sitting around the house instead of running errands and getting materials for the shop. I do have a very clean and tidy house now, but that's beside the point. I just wish people would pull their heads out of their bums occasionally so the rest of us don't have to suffer. /end rant.


Aurelia said...

OH man...that really sucks balls


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