March 31, 2009

Herman Watch Part 1

A few days ago, I was walking to the mailbox and I saw our driveway had a hole in it. Didn't think too much of it till over the weekend, we were pulling in to the driveway and saw a little chipmunk popping out of it. Of course by the time I got out of the car with camera in hand, he'd retreated. Boo.

So now, we wait. Well, I'll wait anyway. The hubs just smiles and nods when I get up to my oddities. I've named the little chipmunk Herman. I'm assuming it's a boy.

In the meantime, I'm slightly worried about the structural integrity of our driveway. It's slopey and has a bunch of stuff on the side to reinforce it. Now a hole? Yikes. I fear waking up to a leaning house one fine day.


Steven B said...

OMG! I love this picture for some reason! It just...looks cool...I cannot explain it.

When I look at it, I see a mouth.


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