April 1, 2009

Who Moved My Car

On his way home from work, the hubs calls and asks me if I moved his car while he was in the office. I assured him I neither had the foresight nor energy to pull an April Fool's joke on him that required me driving all the way there.

Of course he doesn't believe me because he's completely freaked out, keeps going "My car's backed into a spot I'd never take! Are you screwing with me? Are you screwing with me?!".

Who moved his car then? His dear ol' parents! That's who!

I commend them for their deviant behaviour, but I do believe those two need a hobby other than messing with their son. As for me, I didn't play jokes on anyone. Last April Fool's, I bullshitted my sisters that I was pregnant. While my youngest sister's response was a nonchalant "Oh man, you're going to look so fat in your wedding dress", my other sister let out an almighty scream and started whooping in joy. At the office. To this day, she still wishes me harm and wants my head on a stick. So I say don't poke the bear.


Aurelia said...

hehehe, cool trick. too bad i wasn't there to witness his freak out.

Steven B said...


I'm getting too old for this :)


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